The Bullaccia on the Alpe di Siusi

The Bullaccia is part of the Alpe di Siusi and extends to a high of 2,176 meter above sea level. The Bullaccia – also calling Alpe di Bullacia – is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Alpe di Siusi. The Alpe di Siusi is with a size of 56 square kilometers the biggest mountain plateau of Europe. Leaving the mountain station of the aerial cableway, you see the Bullaccia on the left side.

If you hike on the Bullaccia, you have fantastic views to the mountains of the Alpe di Siusi as well as the mountains in the further surrounding. In the south, you can see the Sciliar with the peaks of Santner and Euringer and the Denti di Terrarossa. In the north you can see the Alpe di Sarntal and in the east the Sella and Marmolata. By good weather, can see the Ortles (in German “Ortler”), the highest mountain of South Tyrol, in the west you. By hiking surround the Bullaccia, you have a fantastic view to the villages of the Altipiano dello Sciliar and its nearer surroundings, especially to Castelrotto. Also the witches´ benches, about which there are numerous legends, the Goller cross, the Filln cross with its unique view to the Val Gardena and the “Engelsrast” are important points on the Bullaccia, which should find special attention.

The tour around Bullaccia

To hike around the Bullaccia, is recommend to use the aerial cableway (Siusi allo Sciliar – Alpe di Siusi) to the Compaccio (mountain station). From here a comfortable – but at the beginning a bit steeply rising – way leads up to the Goller cross on the east side of the Bullacia. Already on this way, there are the Bullaccia hut and the Arnica mountain hut, two rest stops. At this part of the trail, you have an excellent view to Castelrotto. From the Goller cross it goes in direction to the witches’ benches.

The witches’ benches are on the west side of the Bullaccia. These are two large boulders made of porphyry. Today the historian believed that the witches' benches were once a place of worship in honor of a sun God. Due to the peculiar appearance of the rocks, which actually look like petrified seats many legends have arisen. These porphyry structures are calling "witches' benches".

From the witches' benches you should continue right up to the Filln cross. From here, you can look very well to the Val Gardena, especially to the villages Ortisei and Bulla, a fraction of Castelrotto. The Filln cross often used by many hikers to take a short break here. The place offered an excellent view. The Sella Group, Piz Duleda, Sass Rigais and the Peitlerkofel can also be admired from the Filln cross.

Angel’s Rest

From the Filln cross you can hike in the direction of mountain-restaurant Bullaccia again. Directly by the restaurant you find the mountain station of the cableway Bullaccia, which renewed in 2009. These also can used if you want to avoid the ascent to Bullaccia. Also located near the restaurant is the Angel´s Rest. A South Tyrolean artist created the Angel´s Rest. In a square platform there is a walk-around roundel in which is arranged an all-round steel plate. In the steel plate, the contours of all mountains (which you can see from the Angel´s Rest) engraved. If you take the trouble to count the number of mountains with a high of more than 3,000 meters, you can count 53 mountains peaks can admired from there. The “Angel´s Rest” is a view pulpit of the Alpe di Siusi!

In any case, you should take at least three hours to walk around the Bullaccia completely. Although the total walking time estimated at about three hours, due to the magnificent views that can enjoyed from the viewpoints and the rest stops (Arnika hut, Bullaccia hut, mountain-restaurant Bullaccia) you can easily spend a whole day on the Bullaccia.

Flora and fauna

The hike around of the Bullaccia is also a botanical migration. There is a rich flora. Those who are particularly interested in the flowers of the Alpe di Siusi will find a great variety on the Bullaccia.

With regard to the fauna, you can admire the mountain finch and a large number of butterflies.

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