Sasso Lungo South Tyrol

The Sasso Lungo, Alpe di Siusi, South Tyrol

Together with the Sasso Piatto the Sasso Lungo is a very well known mountain motif of South Tyrol. The Sasso Lungo and Sasso Piatto give the Alpe di Siusi in the west part the distinctive appearance and are one of the most impressive groups of the Dolomites in South Tyrol.

The German name of the Sasso Lungo is "Langkofel" and the Ladin name is “Saslonch”. The mountain has a height of 3,181 meters. The Sasso Lungo rises as a long rock into the sky, which was ultimately decisive for its naming. Mainly if you regard the mountain from the north, you understand why the mountain is called Sasso Lungo.

Backyard mountain of Val Gardena

In the north of the Alpe di Siusi the Val Gardena is located with its villages Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva. The village and the famous resort Selva di Val Gardena is located nearest to the Sasso Lungo. Therefore the Sasso Piatto is the backyard mountain of this village.

Paul Grohmann had ascended as the first the Sasso Lungo on 08/13/1869. According to him the Punta Grohmann has its name; the Punta Grohmann is located between the Sasso Lungo and the Sasso Piatto.

Who wants to hike around the Sasso Lungo and Sasso Piatto, they can do it from the Friedrich-August-path. The hike can be started either on the Alpe di Siusi (about Zallinger Sasso Piatto hut) or Sella. Because of the slight difference in height that has to be overcome when they hike around the mountain group. The hike is very popular. During this tour you can enjoy great views of the Alpe di Siusi, the Sella and the Marmolada.

At the Sasso Lungo a three-meter-high Madonna is located in an alcove on the east side. This was carved by the sculptor Flavio Pancheri and was hung up by him in the 1950s at this place.

Forcella of Sasso Lungo

The Forcella of Sasso Lungo (saddle of Sasso Lungo) is especially known by the skiers. However, this serious departure has already demanded several lives because the slopes cannot be prepared by groomer. For this reason the gondola is no longer in operation at wintertime.

In summertime, the Forcella of Sasso Lungo can be traversed from the Sella. The trail is a relatively easy tour. The cabin lift is also recommended. From the parking Sella Pass (2,150 meters above sea level) leads a historic cabin lift to Toni Demetz hut (Rifugio Toni Demez; 2,685 meters above sea level). From the Toni Demetz hut you can walk down to the Rifugio Vicenza; good hiking equipment is sufficient for this trail. The lift has cabins, in which only of two persons can stand. While traveling by cable car you have a fantastic view of the Sella and Marmolada.

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