Folk dance group Castelrotto

The folk dance group of Castelrotto

Visitors of the Altopiano dello Sciliar will be seen very fast that tradition has an enormale value in this region. For example, the locals visit still the worship in their costumes all Sundays. The Kastelruther Spatzen, the most successful popular music group from South Tyrol and the entire German-speaking area, always fought (successfully) against wearing at their concerts and events their typical costume of Castelrotto.

The folk dance group of Castelrotto give all they can that the costumes and the dances of the past will be not forget. This group consists of members of young and old people. The members like to receive the custom of folk dance and that it will be not forgotten.

Being present at the events

Whatever the witches nights in Castelrotto, the Dumpling Festival, the village festival or parade during the annual Oswald von Wolkenstein Riding Tournament – the folk dance group of Castelrotto is always presented and makes enthusiastic locals and visitors of the Altopiano dello Sciliar in the same way.

The folk dance group of Castelrotto has set itself a target to maintain tradition and folklore creatures. Therefore, a performance by the folk dance group isn´t only popular because of the pre-led dances, but also because of the beautiful costumes. Furthermore, the group wants to keep the tradition of folk dance. The dance group practice permanently Tyrolean and Austrian dances showing these to it interested peoples. And so also on the program is the wedding dance “Agath”, which will traditionally dance only in honor of a bride and groom.

The folk dance group of Castelrotto consists of about 30 members who attend throughout the year about 36 samples to learn the traditional dances or not to unlearn.

Anyone who has the opportunity to see the folk dance group of Castelrotto face to face should be take them on each case - maybe next holiday in Altopiano dello Sciliar, South Tyrol!

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