Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon

Second Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon on 07/06/2014

On 06 July 2014 will be the second half-marathon on the Alpe di Siusi. In the month of July 2014 Europe's biggest and most beautiful high-plateau has to offer a very special sporting highlight, which isn´t only for the athletes themselves, but also for all visitors and interested parties. The event is the culmination in the "Running-month of July."

General information

For many years the marathon stars from Kenya come on the Alpe di Siusi - the largest mountain plateau in Europe - to prepare here for the marathons in autumn. The altitude between 1,800 and 2,200 meters above sea level and the varied routes ensure optimal training conditions. Also in 2014 the world's best marathon runners come from 29.06. until 13.07.2014 on the Alpe di Siusi again.

By 2012, the "Alpe di Siusi Running" was performed as part of the residence of the Kenyan marathon stars, in which the athletes were able to measure on a 12.7 km long track. Last year, the run course was extended to a half-marathon and at the same time the route had changed, so that in 2014 already the second Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon takes place.

The special favor of the Alpe di Siusi half marathon is apart from the sporting challenge that the route also represents a unique scenic experience. The Alpe di Siusi with the unique panorama of the Dolomites makes the half marathon to a very special sporting event.

Competition on 06 July 2014

The Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon will take place this year on Sunday, 07/06/2014. The route firstly leads from Compaccio to the junction (just before the Ritsch) to the Piz. Here the runners have to take a "loop", pass the mountain station of the aerial cableway Ortisei and run back and further to the junction between Ritsch and “Rauch hut” to “Laranzer hut” and further to “Almrosen hut”. Here, the route continues below the “Goldknopf” to the panorama, to the “Laurin hut” and finally to Spitzbühl back to Compaccio.

During the run, the athletes will be accompanied by the Kenyan marathon stars and also motivated during the race; the Kenyan marathon stars are out of competition in the half marathon!

Key data

  • Start time: 06/07/2014, 10:00 clock
  • Start/Finish: Compaccio, Alpe di Siusi
  • Start: at 1,800 meters, the highest point: 2,050 meters, a total of 601 meters of altitude
  • Price: for registrations until 30.06.2014: 25,00 €, with registration from 01.07. to 06.07.2014: 30,00 €
  • Day pass FIDAL: 7,00 €
  • Number issue: 07/05/2014, from 17:00 clock to 19:00 in “Kulturhaus” (House of Culture) Siusi allo Sciliar and from 08:00 clock to 09:30 clock in the race-office at the Hotel Plaza, Alpe di Siusi.
  • Award ceremony: 13:30 clock on Compaccio, Alpe di Siusi

Already from 10:00 clock a solid operation with musical entertainment (live band) for all the viewers is offered.

The half marathon-runners can use on 07/06/2014 for the arrival to the Alpe di Siusi the aerial cableway (Siusi – Alpe di Siusi, Compaccio) for free. Guests and spectators of sports events can take the Aerial Cableway on 06/07/2014 at a discounted price of 9.00 Euros (ascent and descent).

Alpe di Siusi Running EXPO

On 06/27/2014 and 06/28/2014 will be take place the Alpe di Siusi Running EXPO. This is carried out in 2014 for the third time. Within the frame of the Alpe di Siusi Running EXPO the world's leading manufacturer’s running shoe collection in 2015 and the latest models of running clothes are presented. These can also be tested.

Running Park Alpe di Siusi

The annual residence of Kenyans on the Alpe di Siusi had brought the idea to establish a running park. With a total length of 180 kilometers since the year 2010 the "Running Park Alpe di Siusi" can be used, which is subdivided into a total of 20 routes and different levels of difficulty. Eight tracks of the Running Park are located in Castelrotto, Siusi allo Sciliar and Fiè allo Sciliar.

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