Tagusa South Tyrol

Tagusa, Castelrotto

Tagusa is a small hamlet of Castelrotto and offer only a few sights. However, those who want to experience a place that is surrounded by green meadows and – nowadays not much found – gives tranquility, should visit Tagusa once.

Tagusa – called in German Tagusens – located at an altitude of about 900 meters high above the sea level and is only reachable by a single road. From the country road that leads up from Ponte Gardena to Castelrotto, before you reach Castelrotto, a road turns to the left towards Tesimo respectively Tagusa. Here you have to drive through Tesimo and follow the road, which winds about four or five kilometers through the surrounding green lawns. Only on this road you can leave Tagusa again. This is also the reason why the hamlet spreads out such peace - in Tagusa there is no transit. You find just the cars at this place, which actually has it as target.

The hamlet has a very idyllic character and is largely dominated by agriculture. Here you can experience pure nature. A few farms offer in this village - which seems to created for this - "Holidays on the farm". Total Tagusa has about 100 inhabitants (as of 31/12/2023: 80 inhabitants).

1904 Tagusa has bad memories. This year, the hamlet was hit by a fire.

The prospect of Tagusa

At the end of Tagusa you can look to Barbian and Villandro, so to places that lay at the towards valley side. However, the slopes of the Corno del Renon and the north-east slope of the Val Gardena can be considered very well here.

Church of St. Magdalene

Tagusa has its own church, which is dedicated to Saint Magdalene. The church is at the end of the hamlet on the right side and was in the Roman period in the 13th Century built. Worth to see in the church is the high altar, which is small but very ornate. The blade of this high altar created by Franz Sebald Unterberger (1706 -1776, painter from the Fiemme Valley).

Especially in very hot and sunny days it is recommended, to go again to the back of the church. Large trees provide a refreshing shade. The positioned benches invite you to linger.

Basically it is normal that the Church is to be found in the center of the village. It is somewhat unusual that the church of Saint Magdalene is at the end of Tagusa on a rocky hill ahead. It is therefore assumed that at the point where the church stands today, a prehistoric village or place of worship had been found.

The School Museum

Although the place is so small and is deposited, Tagusa has yet to offer a very special feature. Here you can visit the school museum, where the former school life is presented. In this school museum is the last school in South Tyrol, which still exists in the Fascist period. Please refer to the separate article: School Museum in Tagusa.

The Messnerhof

At the entrance of Tagusa is the Messnerhof. Here, the former guitarist of the Kastelruther Spatzen has operated a snack-bar. The farm and the house were completely re-built several years ago and today is no more local public.

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