altipiano dello sciliar

Castelrotto, Siusi allo Sciliar and Fié allo Sciliar are the main communities in Altipiano dello Sciliar. Many hamlets or villages that are located in the Altipiano dello Sciliar, South Tyrol, have their own history and their own highlights. Read more in this category about the villages in the Altipiano dello Sciliar and find out everything you need to know and a lot of details.

What sights are in Altipiano dello Sciliar? What is worth to visit? How can you do during the days, once supposed to be a bad weather or you want to take a break from the sporting activities on the Alpe di Siusi and the entire Altipiano dello Sciliar? In this category are compiled all the attractions of Altipiano dello Sciliar.

About the Altipiano dello Sciliar there are many interesting facts that should not be deprived of the lovers of the region around the largest high plateau in Europe. Find out everything you need to know about to the Altipiano dello Sciliar.

What's going on in the Altipiano dello Sciliar and what's new about the area around the Alpe di Siusi? In this category you will find news that interests not only the inhabitants of the Altipiano dello Sciliar, but also the guests all around the world.

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