Running Park Alpe di Siusi

The new Running Park Alpe di Siusi

Running and jogging get to the absolutely trend sports under the population. It´s a fact that everyone can start this sport according to his condition and gradually can expand this. Running is an absolutely healthy sport that has many friends in the whole world. The executives of the Altipiano dello Sciliar and the Alpe di Siusi have used the trend and opened the "Running Park Alpe di Siusi" on the highest mountain plateau of Europe.

Many will although asked themselves at the beginning, why a running park has just started on this place. Finally, you can walk on the Alpe di Siusi and the surrounding Dolomites on each place in a perfect way. But the idea to open a "Running Park", ultimately comes from the Kenyan marathon professionals who have their training camp since 2007 annual on the Alpe di Siusi and train there for competitions. With their natural, mostly unpaved paths, the Alpe di Suisi offers perfectly conditions for running. In addition the leg muscles and the cardiovascular system can be optimally trained because of the difference between up and down. Therefore, it makes sense to use the existing ways of the Altipiano dello Sciliar for a running park and properly sign and to make it attractive for the friends of this sport.

Opening on 07/18/2010

On July 18 of the year 2010 the "Alpe di Siusi Running 2010" took place on the Alpe di Siusi. There the new "Running Park Alpe di Siusi" was officially opening. 180 runners, who competed for the first place, took part at the Alpe di Siusi running 2010. Since exactly this time the sports elite from Kenya - the marathon runners - had pitched their altitude training camp on the Alpe di Siusi, and so the world's best athletes such as Robert Cheruiyot, Samuel Wanjiru and Martin Lel take part on this run contest.

A part of the tracks of the "Running Park Alpe di Siusi" have their name from successful marathon runners. There is for example the Robert Cheruiyot track, the Martin Lel track or the Paul Tergat track.

The data of the Running Park

The new Running Park offers 20 different routes and a route network of 180 kilometers. Twelve tracks are at an altitude 1800 - 2200 meters, eight tracks at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level.

The twelve tracks, which are located at an altitude of 1,800 meters, are on the Alpe di Siusi, the other trails are at an altitude of about 1,000 meters. They can be find in the main villages of the Altipiano dello Sciliar - Castelrotto, Siusi allo Sciliar and Fiè allo Sciliar. The individual ways have different lengths and levels of difficulty.

The Route Overview

The individual lines of the "Running Park Alpe di Siusi" are signed in a professional way, so that the runner can find his way very fast. Because the individual routes vary in difficulty, the routes were also color-coded. Depending on the difficulty of the routes blue (easy), red (medium difficulty) or black (difficult) are marked. In addition, the individual routes are divided into running, mountain-routes or Nordic walking routes.

Routes on the Alpe di Siusi

  • Beginners-Run: 5.2 km (easy)
  • Robert-Cheruiyot-Track: 11.2 km (difficult)
  • Alpe di Siusi-Running: 12.7 km (difficult)
  • Viktor-Röthlin-Track: 6.3 km (medium difficulty)
  • Samuel-Wanjiru-Track: 4.6 km (medium difficulty)
  • Paul-Tergat-Track: 18.4 km (difficult)
  • Martin-Lel-Track: 6.4 km (difficult)
  • James-Kwambai-Track: 8.9 km (medium difficulty)

Routes in Altiopiano dello Sciliar

  • San Valentino-Run: 4.8 km (easy)
  • Bühlen-Tour: 7.7 km (difficult)
  • Tisana-Tagusa: 12.7 km (difficult)
  • Laranza-Tour: 4.4 km (medium difficulty)
  • Siusi-Tour: 5.1 km (medium difficulty)
  • Laghetto-di-Fiè-Trail: 8.6 km (medium difficulty)
  • Siusi-Fiè/Fiè-Siusi: 7.1 km (easy / difficult)
  • Panorama-Tour: 19.2 km (difficult)
  • Fiè allo Sciliar-Viallge-Tour: 5.0 km (medium difficulty)
  • San-Constantino-Tour: 8.3 km (difficult)
  • Presule-Run: 9.4 km (difficult)
  • Laghetto-Huber-Sprint: 0.8 km (easy)

In the information offices of the Alpe di Siusi and the Altipiano dello Sciliar is offered a free "Run Guide", in which the individual routes are described in detail. In addition, there are contained some interesting background information’s of running sports, which are especially helpful for beginners.

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