Cima di Terrarossa South Tyrol

The Cima di Terrarossa between Sciliar and Denti di Terrarossa

The Cima di Terrarossa is a mountain on the southern side of the Alpe di Siusi in South Tyrol, Italy and is located between the prominently Sciliar and the Denti di Terrarossa. The Sciliar is located to the west, the Denti di Terrarossa to the east direction of the Cima di Terrarossa.

In German, the Cima di Terrarossa is called “Roterdspitz".

The highest point of the Cima di Terrarossa has a height of 2,655 meters above sea level. So the Cima di Terrarossa, which is located in the middle of the ridge Sciliar – Denti di Terrarossa, is the highest peak of this mountain range.

Walking tour

Who walk the path (route 4) from the Sciliar to the Denti di Terrarossa or in the reverse direction, the one passes about halfway the Cima di Terrarossa. This mountain is also very nice to see from the “Tierser Alpl” (the refuge/mountain shelter of the Denti di Terrarossa), if you look to the west direction.


Who wants to walk to the Sciliar and the Denti di Terrarossa can easily combine it in one day. The Sciliar and the Denti di Terrarossa are connected by a relatively wide trail. This section of path has no major differences in height. Therefore, one has reached the height of the Sciliar (Refuge of the Sciliar 2,457 meters above sea level) and the Denti di Terrarossa (Alpe di Tires: 2,440 meters above sea level), moves about the same height. Thus, this section can be moved without much effort.

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