Calvary Castelrotto

The Calvary in Castelrotto

If you want to show Castelrotto to someone – the popular holiday-village in the Altipiano dello Sciliar, South Tyrol – and the surroundings of the mountain village in a short time, the Sasso (Kofel) is an excellent chose. Be attention to not confuse the well-known Sasso Piatto and Sasso Lungo, which gives the Alpe di Siusi its distinctive image, with the Sasso of Castelrotto. The Sasso can be described as the north-western part from the center of Castelrotto.

From the village square or the square Kraus it is a short and steep path to the “Calvary”, or to the “Kofel” the inhabitants call this hill. If you are up there, you have a magnificent view over Castelrotto with its imposing bell tower and the mountains Santner and Sciliar.

The trail

It has an important reason, why the nickname of the Sasso remembered at of the former execution site of Jesus Christ at the mountain Calvary. So on the Calvary of Castelrotto the suffering of Jesus Christ is adjusted in an impressive way. A lot of small chapels, where you find wooden carved, mostly life-size figures, let the whole event get alive.

A flat way leads around the Calvary which is also suitable for a comfortable walk. During this tour you can enjoy a beautiful view to some villages that belong to the municipality of Castelrotto. So you can look also at the villages Tisana and Tagusa from the circular path.

  • Calvary
  • Calvary Castelrotto
  • Calvary Castelrotto

The ruined castle

At the central point of the Calvary you find still parts of the tower, which are supposed to have belonged to castle of Castelrotto. Today nothing more is left from the castle. However, the "ruined castle" has given Castelrotto its name which is developed from the Latin "Castellum Reptum".

Inside the area there are still two well-preserved chapels. A chapel is dedicated to St. Cajetan and the St. Anthony.

A place to stay

The Calvary is not only so popular for the inhabitants and visitors because of the wonderful views of Castelrotto and the surrounding. The Calvary has a good stock of trees and give, especially in the hot summer months, inviting and refreshing shadows.

Benches, which are distributed over the entire area, let the Calvary of Castelrotto also be a place to stay. Here you can also read a book and spend a few comfortable und relaxing hours.

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